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We are a worker-owned production company focused on telling human stories that catalyze social change. We are filmmakers, writers, communicators, strategists, organizers, educators, musicians and artists with deep roots in the Philadelphia region. 

We aim for our work to be a light that draws people into community. Something we build together to illuminate and transmit energy, something we can gather around to see ourselves and each other, and to imagine a better world together.



Many of us came together for the first time as collaborators on community media productions with Media Mobilizing Project, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit founded in 2007.

In 2015, a group of media makers collaborating with MMP identified an opportunity. MMP had built working relationships with community organizations, universities, unions, and nonprofits across the region, but with a small staff and ambitious organizational goals, they couldn’t say yes to every opportunity to produce videos, consult on communications strategy, or conduct trainings. At the same time, the growing pool of media makers that came together to work on MMP media projects realized that by creating a sister organization, we could build more local capacity for social justice oriented storytelling. This was the spark that would grow into Bonfire. We continue to operate with invaluable support from and in close partnership with MMP.



We started Bonfire as a worker-owned business to create a means to ensure fair pay, democratic leadership and respectful working conditions in an industry that is plagued by low wages, inconsistent income and long hours.

By sharing our resources, skills and networks, our members gain access to consistent work and opportunities to learn and grow. Our clients get access to a team with a variety of skills and backgrounds and deep roots in movement building, all sustained by a nurturing and vibrant working environment.

There is no executive director or CEO of Bonfire. The worker-owners lead the operations together, with coordination and administrative support provided by one paid staff person who is also a worker-owner.



We worked together as a collective for over two years before officially opening our doors as Bonfire Media Collective in June 2018. Our past and current clients include the Mural Arts Program, Head Start PA, Philadelphia Writing Project, Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance, Rutgers University AFT-AAUP, Food Moxie, Cut50, 215 People’s Alliance and more.

Bonfire was built by a community and would not exist without our team of worker-owners and freelancers, Media Mobilizing Project, the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance and the 20->20 Book Clubs program, the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, CultureWorks of Greater Philadelphia, Crystal Gonzalez, Gabrielle Patterson, and The Philadelphia Foundation.

We built Bonfire because we believe in community. We’re living our values in the stories we tell, and in the way we run our business. Let us help you tell your story.